On Saturday, 19 September 2020, NUSANTARA organized its second trip this year taking all necessary protective measures. 

The first stop was Divčibare Mountain, a well-known tourist center. One group of excursionists visited hospitality and tourism facilities in the center of the village while the other group took a cable car to Crni vrh, the highest peak of Divčibare Mountain and walked a three-kilometer-long path of health.

Not far from Kosjerić, the excursionists visited Seča reka and the 18th century log cabin church, which has the status of a cultural monument and is dedicated to the great martyr Georgije, as well as a new church built in 1903. In the churchyard, there are roadside stone monuments, so-called “krajputaši”, preserved and restored, which are cultural monuments and a testimony to the life of the inhabitants in this area. Owing to the kindness of the priest Radoslav Gajić, the excursionists could hear very interesting details about the church, “krajputaši”, as well as the people and traditions of this area.

In the warm rural-tourist household of the Pantović family “Milogošće” in the village of Mionica, not far from Kosjerić, the excursionists were able to enjoy the traditional food of this area and raspberry brandy. After lunch, they took a walk through Mionica meadows.

Photos: Vladimir Ilić, Sonja Lapatanov.