Predrag Mijailović

Fine art photographer Predrag Mijailović, presented his photographic impressions of the Indonesian island of Bali on the virtual photography exhibition on the web site of The Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship NUSANTARA

Due to the COVID–19 pandemic, the subsequent impossibility to organise an exhibition, which would be available for a broader audience in one of Belgrade’s galleries, the organisers decided to organise the the exhibition virtually, hoping that Belgrade’s audience will be able to, after the end of the pandemic, enjoy the photographs.

The virtual exhibition presents 42 photographs, capturing the life of the common man in tropical, picturesque and colorful Indonesia. The author tried to present the life of the Indonesian man in nature, for from the luxury hotels and restaurants, in the touristic centres. Besides the common man, he took photos of rice fields, as places on which the Indonesians work hard, the ceremonies, the shop owners, as the wonderful beaches and the colourful flora. On Bali he stayed in May of 2018., when on this island, after the rainy season, the prime tourist season is starting. The trip was organised by himself and during two weeks, stayed in Ubud, from which he visited most of the island, after that he stayed in the south, in Nusa Dua, known for its beautiful beaches. Nature’s beauty amazed him, while in particular a strong impression left the architecture of the temples, the traditional customs and a very rich gastronomical offer, as the far-famed Indonesian spices. However, the strongest impression left the Indonesians themselves, who are distinctly cordial, kind, accomodating, thus he states that Indonesia is a country of smiling people.

Indonesia, as the most populous Muslim country in the world, is the largest island country in the world and the world’s third democracy. With more than 17.000 islands, cliffs and rocks, more than 300 ethnicities, a country divided by three time zones, a big number of active volcanoes and lush vegetation, it is a huge inspiration for Serbian tourists, businessmen as it is for professional and fine-art photographers, who are increasingly visiting this unique country. A rich history, unique flora and fauna, smiling people, were the motives for Mijailović to visit the popular island of Bali and take a large number of photos.

Mijailović was born in 1971. in Belgrade. He started to do photography more intensively since 2007. He participated in a number of group exhibitions. He likes to photograph people and their environment the most, so his preferred genres are street and life photography. In the last six years is active in commercial photography as well, most often as an event photographer. He lives and work in Belgrade.

Nusantara was established in 2003. and is striving to become the core of the non-governmental sector in developing the relations between two geographically distant but through recent history, close countries.
NUSANTARA, with its activities, helps establish cooperation in the field of social issues, arts, education, culture, but also contributes to the strengthening and development of political and economic relations, cooperation between Serbia and Indonesia, and represents a kind of “bridge” for developing bilateral ties between the two traditionally friendly countries.