The second trip of this year, NUSANTARA organized on the 19th of June juna 2021., the members of our Society toured the central part of Serbia, the Velika Plana municipality and the local cultural and historic attractions.

The first morning break, the travelers made in the „Vetrenjača“ restaurant, nearby Mladenovac, with a beautiful view on Kosmaj and the slopes rich with orchards.

Close to Velika Plana, the travelers visited Koporin monastery dating from the 14th century, where the kind monks welcomed the guests. Besides the wonderful monastery garden, the travelers visited the spring of miracles.

In Radovanjski lug, the passengers visited the church at the place where Karadjordje Petrović was assassinated, the leader of the First Serbian Uprising. as the place where he was buried, to then visit the Pokajnica monastery.

At the end of the day, our members spent the afternoon at the ethno village „Moravski konaci“ and enjoyed their stay there.

Photos by: Oliver Dimić, Snežana Honda, Suzana Gavrilović and Marko Jelić