The virtual exhibition of the fine art photographer Darko Srećković

The Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship NUSANTARA on the occasion of 18 years since its foundation, is organising the virtual exhibition ”Bali – The Island of Gods” of the fine art photographer, Darko Srećković, on the website the Association NUSANTARA

The NUSANTARA association is organising the exhibition about the Indonesian island of Bali with the intention to reveal to the citizens of Serbia the numerous beauties of one of the most important tourist destinations in Indonesia., which is the most visited Indonesian tourist destination where Serbians spend their vacations on.

On the virtual exhibition 52 photographs are presented where the colourful nature and the life of common man are shown in tropical and pictoresque Indonesia. Srećković organised the trip on his own in May of 2018. like a true globetrotter. The first part of his vacation he spent in Ubud in the inland, a very interesting and lively city of artists and artisans, of a relaxed atmosphere, smiling and kind people. The second part of the journey was in the south of the island, in the Nusa Dua region, touring the southern part of Bali, with the beautiful beaches and the iconic Uluwatu temple. All the time he took photos and gave the best to evoke the natural beauty, the architecture, the culture and the varied gastronomy. He was completely delighted by everything experienced on Bali, the most powerful impression left were the people and their positive energy. For Bali, which is in the plethora of the numerous Buddhist and Hindu temples, it is not accidental they say it is the island of gods. The Balinese, who are always smiling and pleasant, live a modest, hapy life, in the shadow of the volcano, full of challenges. That pleasure of theirs and a positive outlook on everything contributed to the tourists feeling special.

Darko Srećković was born in 1972. in Offenbach, Germany. Since 2004. is doing photography, precisely street, travel and portraiture and participated in many group exhibitions. He lives and works in Belgrade Indonesia is the largest archipelago and the third biggest democracy in the world. With more than 17.000 islands, cliffs and rocks, more than 300 ethnicities, a country divided by three time zones, a large number of active volcanoes and lush vegetation, it is a huge inspiration for fine art photographers. The Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship NUSANTARA, this friendly country succesfully promotes for 18 years since its establishment in 2003, striving to become the core of the non-governmental sector in developing the relations between two geographically distant but through recent history, close countries. The association with its activities helps establishing cooperation, but it contributes to the strengthening and development of the political and economic relations between Serbia and Indonesia as well, representing a kind of “bridge” for the development of the bilateral relations of the two traditionally friendly countries.