The NUSANTARA Society on the 17th July 2021, organised a trip for its members and friends and this time we decided to realise it in nature.

The first morning break the travelers took in the ethno restaurant „Stolovo“, near Paraćin, in a beautiful garden, with a lot of water, flowers and plenty of facilities for rest.

On the road for Zaječar, we arrived to the renowned picnic area for the people of Paraćin, Grza, where we spent some hours enjoying the unspoiled forest and river Grza. Also, in the ethno restaurant „Koliba“ we enjoyed the specialties of this region, particularly the mountain trout. 

After a long walk, the group visited the Lešje monastery, in which they enjoyed the unusual architecture, the fountains and the marvelous view. The sisterhood of the monastery for all the group organized a tour of the monastery complex, introduced us to the history of the monastery and about spiritual life. To His Excellency The Ambassador of Indonesia and his wife, the monastery gifted presents for this occasion.

Even though for the whole day the weather was variable yet without precipitations, we were lucky, as rain started to fall just as we entered the bus and continued until our arrival in Belgrade.

Photo: Trio Pramono, Vladimir Ilić and Marko Jelić.