On September 4, 2021, the NUSANTARA Association organized an excursion for its members and friends, in western Serbia – the municipality of Osečina, the town of Pecka and the Rožanj mountain, in the Sokolske planine mountain range.

As for the first morning refreshment, the group visited Kumova vodenica (the Godfather’s mill), in the village of Markova crkva, near Lajkovac, where the Association of Serbian Mills is located, and there they got acquainted with the traditional way of flour production and how the mills work.

After the arrival in Pecka, together with the host, Igor Rabat, veterinarian, we visited the church made of wood log in the village Skadar. Afterwards we climbed on Rožanj mountain to Sokolske kolibe (Sokol lodges), Rabat’s rural experimental homestead, where we got acquainted with old Serbian animal species, enjoyed a spectacular view of central Serbia, Šumadija. Rabat, in a very original way, presented the importance of preserving these old species, which are resistant to many of today’s viruses.

The whole afternoon, the excursionists enjoyed the beautiful nature and unbelievable view, with domestic animals, homemade products, clean air, using every moment of nature and sun to enjoy.

His Excellency the Ambassador of Indonesia and his family did not hide their satisfaction, and with a donation they supported the project of Igor Rabat and his care for the old species of Serbia.

Marko Jelić

Photo: Sonja Lapatanov, Oliver Dimić and Marko Jelić.