The NUSANTARA association, on the 26th September 2021, organized an excursion to Šumadija.

After the first morning coffee in the town of Topola, the group, in the village of Borač, below the famous Borač krš, visited the church of St. Archangel Gabriel, the old cemetery, under the custody of UNESCO, a monument of culture with unusual artistic work on tombstones.

Next, the group visited the rural-tourist household in Borač owned by Rajko Lečić, where the popular tv series “Moj rođak sa sela“ (My relative from the village). In a traditional ambience, along with homemade products, the excursionists enjoyed in the unique view on the Borač krš on one side and Gruža’s lake on the other side.

The excursionists toured also the Kamenac monastery, which recently celebrate its 600 years of existence. In a setting filled with greenery, piece and prayer, the travelers prayed for the health and recovery of many who in the year of the global pandemic fell ill from the vile virus.

Socializing and lunch was organized in the cult kafana of Gruža, “Kod Sneže“ (At Sneža), who in the spirit of old Serbian hospitality, welcomed the guests with specialties of traditional cuisine, along with traditional songs, entertaining the guests. The group photo only confirmed the satisfaction of both the guests and the hosts.  

Marko Jelić

Photo: Sonja Lapatanov, Oliver Dimić, Marko Jelić and Vladimir Ilić.