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About Us


Serbian and Indonesian society of friendship

Indonesia and Serbia have been maintaining traditionally friendly relations for over six decades. Due to this tradition of good relations between former Yugoslavia and Indonesia, on 17th August 2003, marking the Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence in Belgrade, the Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship NUSANTARA has been founded. Nusantara is a non-governmental, non-party and non-profit organisation and by its form it is a civil association with the following goals and tasks:

– to contribute to maintaining, preservation and development of the traditional friendship between Serbia and Indonesia;

– to help establish co-operation concerning social issues, art, education, culture, sports and other areas by contributing to strengthening and development of political and economic relations and co-operation between the two friendly countries;

– to organise artistic, cultural and sporting activities as the incentive to expanding mutual contacts, taking the role of a bridge that will accelerate development of the bilateral exchange as a whole between the two countries;

Significant support to the work of the Association since its inception has been lent by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Belgrade, as well as by a number of companies and institutions operating in various lines of business and with different aims. JUGOIMPORT-SDPR has persisted in supporting Nusantara right from the association’s founding, and today provides the venue for its registered seat.

Considering the fact that the present political relations between the two countries are maintained at a highly satisfactory level, we believe that, by its activities, the Association will promote also the exchange within culture, education and other areas, with the goal of further bringing Serbia and Indonesia closer together.


At this page you may fill in the form and become a member of NUSANTARA Association.