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Work plan

Work plan of the Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship NUSANTARA

1. Initiative to establish contact and initiate meetings of local government of one or two Serbian cities/towns or municipalities with a city/town in Indonesia. Through their visits to each other, to begin co-operation and friendship among organisations and communities in different areas of business and creative work such as culture, education, sports, tourism etc.;

2. To promote programmes of exchange and co-operation through competent ministries and institutions in all areas of art and culture( exhibitions, artistic workshops, concerts, fairs etc.);

3. To mediate through the University of Belgrade Rectorate and the relevant ministry regarding development of educational and scientific co-operation between the Universities and Faculties/Colleges of the two countries, as well as promotion of student exchange programmes and scholarship grants;

4. Work with the Museum of the Yugoslav Cinema in Belgrade and the Ministry of Culture on organising of a maximum 7-day film festival dedicated to the Serbian film in Jakarta, and the Indonesian film festival in Belgrade;

5. To work on organisation of a tour for one of the best cultural-artistic societies from Belgrade and Serbia (AKUD „Lola“, AKUD „Branko Krsmanovic“, AKUD „Z. J. Spanac“) and, in return, invite and welcome an ensemble from Indonesia to visit;

6. Through press and other media (TV, radio, CDs) organise a planned and systematic presentation and promotion of Indonesia to the wide local public;

7. To encourage mutual co-operation of sports unions and clubs. Work on organising reciprocal table tennis matches of the two national teams or clubs (1st division);

8. The NUSANTARA Association will, with the support by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Belgrade, on marking of the Republic Day (17th August 20099), organise a prize winning competition for the best literary endeavour and the best artistic work on specified subjects;

9. From time to time organise independently or together with other institutions appropriate events as a gesture to promote development and strengthening of friendship between Serbia and Indonesia, such as: social gatherings of Indonesians living and working in our country and meetings with their Serbian friends, days of Indonesian cuisine or days of Indonesian culinary specialties, exhibition of Indonesia’s local/ethnic arts and crafts etc;

10. To work on finding a small business premise space (office, club) in Belgrade for the work and gatherings of the members and friends of the Association;